They stand neck to hip as the frozen wind blows its icy breath upon them. They shudder, standing close to stay warm.

Life can be hard on the Mustangs. The land upon which they run is often unforgiving.

The sun beats down upon then and the scorching wind weaves fairy whips and knots into their manes and tails, marking each horse's individual story to flow in the breeze.......
A flick of an ear, dust rising as legs stomp a warning on the earth.
With the distinct sound of Stallions blowing a warning through their mighty lungs, and they are gone.....
Leaving me in awe............

By: Carolyn Edson

I am a self taught photographer. My Photography interests are horses, old buildings and landscapes. I also love doing outdoor Senior photo sessions.

As a Wild horse photographer, I spend hours hiking over rough unforgiving ground, often times in very harsh weather. High winds, scorching heat, threats of thunder storms and rain. It is not unusual to hike 4 to 6 hours in a day carrying my gear. I also beat the heck out of my 3/4 ton truck driving the rough back roads. But, I LOVE what I do and will continue to do so. We nature Photographers and a special kind of crazy!

Please look through my galleries and enjoy what I see through my lens.
Should you decide to grace your walls with one of my pictures. I hope you feel some of the pleasure that I sensed when I took the image!

A portion of my Mustang photograph sales will be donated to the preservation of the the Mustangs.

I have been published 3 times this year ( 2013 ) and one of those is a Magazine cover. It's been and exciting year!

If you see an image you would like to buy, please contact me for prices , sizes and options @ 509-997-6221. E-mail: carolynedson@gmail.com

I have all sizes of Fine Art Canvas's available as well as various sizes of prints up to large poster sizes available.